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>> 4.22.2015

There's lots of spots in my house that I wish I could change. I think every person probably feels that way, right? This spot in front of our kitchen and next to the stairs is one of those places. We've had this bookcase here since we moved in, and although it fits the space just fine, I think it's too dark and a little boring. Because it's so dark, its been a little difficult to decorate, and so I feel like it's always in a state of flux. And when the new bookcases in the music room got put in, this little bookcase seemed to collect all the reject accessories. Poor guy. This is how the space looks right now.

It was looking so dreary over there I compensated by adding the bright flower canvas. It's a little much I think. But hey, it's spring!

You may remember it looking like this from a previous post:

Anyway, for a while now I've been searching for a buffet/sideboard/credenza/dresser-type piece to put in its place. I don't have a huge budget though, so the search has been a little frustrating. If I had an unlimited budget however, I would love to have one of these.
Love the thin gold legs on this, don't you??? I don't have a source or a price.

 Oh Dallas, why do you have to care about Mid Century Furniture and overprice everything??? This one is $775.

West Elm $900

 This is for sale in Dallas for a bazillion dollars $725.

I love this vintage credenza in Emily Henderson's house. Staged for Christmas, but you get the idea...

West Elm $700

Do you have a favorite? Obviously all of these are out of price range, so I'll keep looking for that perfect piece at the right price.


Anonymous,  8/19/15, 8:07 PM  

The credenza/buffet with brass legs is designed by Paul McCobb for Calvin Furniture. It will set you back a pretty penny and won't be easily sourced in Dallas. But I would take any vintage piece over newer mass produced pieces from places like West Elm, etc.

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