The Rise and Fall of the Gallery Wall

>> 2.02.2016

When we moved into our house almost three years ago, I didn't have very many ideas, but I DID know that I wanted a huge gallery wall in our front living room. I was so pumped about making this gallery wall that I remember working on it even before all the boxes were unpacked.

I was excited to fill it full of meaningful things that represented our family, our religion, and our style. I wanted people to take one look at that wall and know exactly what our family is about.

I collected various sizes of frames and spray painted them white, and then supplemented with a few Ikea frames. Then I arranged them on the floor so I would know which way the frames would be oriented, and then I went about filling them, which was the funnest part of all.

I was totally in love with this gallery wall for a long time, but recently I've felt the urge to change it up. One problem I've come to not like about it is that the pictures are too high up on the wall. Because we have such high ceilings, I centered the pictures on the wall so there was even space on the top and the bottom. But I wish that I would have carried the pictures down further, because I feel like they're disjointed from the furniture. Also, I feel like the small photos (some of them are 4x6) are just too little and make it look cluttered. And many of the pictures were not current and I was doing a horrible job of keeping the wall updated. Plus, I already have two other wall collages in the house, so I can easily move some of the more important prints to one of the other groupings.

So anyway, it was time for a change! I've had my eye on a metal/glass bookcase at Picker's Paradise for a long time, but it was used as a display case, so I never considered getting it. But when thinking about a change in our front room I kept going back to that bookcase. So I finally asked the owners if I could get it. Luckily they agreed and I came home with it!

I also found this great piece of art at At Home (formerly Garden Ridge) on clearance for $35. I love a good deal!

The room still looks so different to me now. I do a double take every time I pass by. I like it, although it's sad to see the gallery wall go. It's definitely a change, but change is good.


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