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>> 5.29.2016

I've always been a creative vagabond. In school it was band, art and theatre. In college it was music (and still is and always will be - it's my one constant.) Once I had kids, it was photography, and then my recent obsession with interior design. But lately I've revisited my childhood love of art in the form of watercolor.

I started an Instagram page in hopes that it would encourage my ten year old daughter to want to do art more. She's insanely talented and I wish she would want to sit down and draw more often. So I started the Instagram page and started posting stuff she and I both did. But, then it just kind of ended up being me sitting down and painting. And then I just couldn't stop. That's kind of how it is with me.  I latch on to an artistic outlet and it becomes kind of an obsession. And I've embraced that about me. I think. Anyway, here's my Instagram page. And my Etsy shop, because if I'm going to make it, I might as well sell it......right? 

And here's some of my work:


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