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>> 5.29.2016

I've always been a creative vagabond. In school it was band, art and theatre. In college it was music (and still is and always will be - it's my one constant.) Once I had kids, it was photography, and then my recent obsession with interior design. But lately I've revisited my childhood love of art in the form of watercolor.

I started an Instagram page in hopes that it would encourage my ten year old daughter to want to do art more. She's insanely talented and I wish she would want to sit down and draw more often. So I started the Instagram page and started posting stuff she and I both did. But, then it just kind of ended up being me sitting down and painting. And then I just couldn't stop. That's kind of how it is with me.  I latch on to an artistic outlet and it becomes kind of an obsession. And I've embraced that about me. I think. Anyway, here's my Instagram page. And my Etsy shop, because if I'm going to make it, I might as well sell it......right? 

And here's some of my work:


Theresa 6/3/16, 9:25 PM  

These are so pretty! Thanks for sharing them with us. I'm now following you on Instagram. I need to get my paints out. I love the cotton and the mason jar with flowers. My daughter loves art and has been taking it in school. Next year she'll be in HS but, not sure she has time to take the class. But, I hope she keeps it up too. Nice to meet you Mandie via blog land & the Inspiration Spotlight party.

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