Poor Man's West Elm

>> 6.02.2015

I've been busy over here... but not with many home projects. I live in Dallas, and have you SEEN the amount of rain we've gotten in the last few weeks? It's crazy. We've stayed dry and really enjoyed the rain, but now the sun is here, school is almost out, and it's time to start the projects up again.

So the West Elm catalog came today, and as I was thumbing through I noticed a room that looked a little familiar.

Light gray walls, nice blue accent wall, linen upholstered bed, navy and gray patterned bedding, mid century side tables, glass lamps....

It kind of reminds me of our master bedroom.

So it's not EXACTLY the same, but a lot of the same elements are there. I would never ever dare say I can put together a room like West Elm can, but it did make me feel good about the choices I made in the room. Sometimes, well letsbehonest, ALL the time, I second and third guess my design choices. And it's even more frustrating when you have a thrift store budget instead of a West Elm budget, you know what I mean? So the fact that I could pull something together even remotely similar to West Elm before the catalog even came out, gave me a little design self-esteem boost.

Just call me the Poor Man's West Elm.


Sage @ Plaster&Disaster 6/3/15, 10:23 AM  

Too funny. Your room *does* look great! I think I prefer the poor man's version better, in fact! :) Plus it's authentic, collected, and a labor of love, not just something straight out of a catalog that anyone could order. Well done!

mylittlegems 7/8/15, 11:09 PM  

Love it! I opened up an HGTV magazine once and saw shelves just like mine- it made me feel better. :)

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