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>> 4.13.2015

I was strolling around Salvation Army as I do every week more often than I'd like to admit,  and almost missed this beauty hiding amongst the big bulky furniture.

I'm not sure if the navy blue wool fabric is original, but it's in perfect condition, a total steal for $50, and goes great in our family room!


Sage @ Plaster&Disaster 4/13/15, 8:45 AM  

What a find! The hope of finding pieces like this is what keeps me going back to the thrift stores time and again!

emily 4/13/15, 8:54 AM  

And it's comfortable. You couldn't get a better deal.

emily 4/13/15, 8:54 AM  
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Brenda 4/13/15, 12:03 PM  

You are an AWESOME thrift shopper! Looks great . . .

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