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>> 7.14.2014

We have lived in our current home now for almost 18 months, and early on, my vision for our front room was to have a piano and a seating area. We already owned a lot of pieces that would work in that room, but it needed some additional seating. So this is about how it looked for a long time.

It felt really incomplete, but because the room isn't super large, we knew whatever else we put there needed to be the right size and scale. 

Over the year, I experimented with a couple of thrift store love seats. 

This vintage one pretty much got a heck no from the hubby and family, although it did solidify in our minds that we loved the seating arrangement. I kinda liked it, but it was a little too granny chic. 

The second one was a total fail. It looked great at the store and it was clean, but when I got it home it was just way too much beige and clashed with the chairs, walls, floor....everything. And it looked way too Rooms to Go contemporary for me (no offense.) Somehow I overlooked all of that at the store because the $90 price tag was too tempting. Good news is I sold both of these love seats on craigslist for more than I purchased them for, so I wasn't out any money.

For the longest time I had my eye on this love seat from Target. It was small, neutral and I liked the style, but every time I saved up enough money for it, it was either out of stock online, or it wasn't on sale anymore. It cycled like that for over a year, and then they raised the price because of its popularity I guess, so I finally decided to give up on it and look at other options. 

My problem is that I'm picky, but I am SUPER cheap. Bad combination when you want things to look just right. I really wanted a love seat for less than $350, and of course everything I was finding was way over that. 

 I liked these two from Macy's, and they mark them down pretty low (around $500) when they are on sale, but regular price is $800+. Yikes. 

I also liked the Karlstad from Ikea, but I resisted because I have a thing with buying ikea furniture. I feel like its a furniture store for the masses and I didn't want to get sucked in. But once I sat on the Karlstad and looked at the price and color options, I realized it was exactly what I needed. So I got over my Ikea snobbery and took the plunge. 
I picked the Sivik slip cover, which works great for the room (and isn't nearly as dark as the picture,) but what I love is that you can get a slipcover custom made, so if I ever want a change, I have options. 

I'd still like to put a rug in this room, but aside from that, I think this room is finally complete! 


Brenda 7/14/14, 4:28 PM  

GOOD job . . . looks great!

stacey 7/14/14, 7:58 PM  

Looks great Mandie, but it has the same lines as granny chic and she was probably built better. Did you consider recovering her?

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