Brass in the Rough

>> 7.16.2014

It's a busy day/week but I wanted to share a short little post with you.

I have really grown to love brass. Not the 1980's shiny fake looking brass, but the classic, mid century kind. And I only love it in small doses as accents here and there. So when I'm at the thrift stores, I always look for cool brass pieces, like this awesome brass peacock.

The other day I found this brass vase at a thrift store for $4. I loved the lines, but it was tarnished and unloved.

One way to tell if it is solid brass, and not brass plated, is by holding a magnet to it. Solid brass is not magnetic, but if the magnet sticks, it is probably steel or cast iron, with a brass plating. In this case, the magnet did not stick, so it was solid brass. Score.

I took it home, got out my trusty Brasso, and went to work.

After polishing once with paper towels, I polished again with a soft cloth, which made it really clear and bright. I think I am going to leave this vase out on our kitchen counter for our kids to put their pretty weeds flowers they like to bring me.

So next time you are the thrift store, and you see something brass, forget the stereotype and try to think of brass in a new way!


Brenda 7/16/14, 4:42 PM  

Very nice . . . I like brass too!

Anonymous,  7/16/14, 6:34 PM  

Love brass! I love your peacock (don't let Melinda steal it from you)! Glad to see someone else likes brass too!

Brandi Bradley 12/15/15, 10:47 PM  

This is a great post Mandie. I too love everything brass, but you are right about that fake looking 80's stuff. What I do is attend local garage or moving sales. People will toss out just about anything for a $1 and some of my best brass pieces were found this way. Some I leave alone because I like the patina, others I polish.

Brandi Bradley @ Rotax Metals

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