Master Bedroom Updates

>> 7.21.2014

One outdated black vinyl headboard: Free

Two yards of woven fabric: $15
Button makers and staples: $12
Two amazing sisters to help you with the project: Priceless

My two younger sisters came over to help with some projects this past week, and one of them was reupholstering our master headboard.

Initially I wanted to buy a new headboard and was looking at styles like this:

But then one day I looked at our headboard and thought, although it's a little boxy, I could recover it and I bet it would look great!

So my sisters came over and deconstructed the headboard and stapled the new fabric on and started on the buttons. I finished the buttons after they left and mounted it on the wall and easy as that, a new headboard for under $30!

After I took the first photo I found this pair of glass lamps for $20 ea. Oh, and then there's the wall. I decided that with a neutral headboard, it was time for some color on the wall, so I went with Wrought Iron by Martha Stewart.

It's incredibly hard to photograph, but it's an awesome color and really completes the room!

What do you think?


fancy fab 7/21/14, 6:29 PM  

Love it! You make it looks so easy peezy!

Brenda 7/21/14, 6:34 PM  

Nice! You did good . . . again!

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