The Caillou Vase

>> 7.01.2014

I got this vase for fifty cents at Salvation Army the other day.

It has a gross 1980's peach paint job, which immediately made me think of Caillou's head, a nightmare in so many ways.

But despite that fatal flaw, I liked the shape, size and price, so I bought it.

When I got it home I checked out the paint job, which, like thirty year old wallpaper, easily peeled away once I got it started. I peeled and scrubbed away all the nasty peach paint and realized I kinda liked what was under neath. Bye bye creepy, whiny headed vase!

My sister is redecorating her office, including a huge wall of beautiful built ins, and coral is one of her colors, so I decided to do a dipped look with some coral paint. I used Martha Stewarts Multi-Surface Pearl paint in Rubber Ball.

First I taped it off.

Then I applied one coat of paint, let it dry and did two more coats.

The finished product is definitely better than the original! And not bad for fifty cents!


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