Front Porch Lovin'

>> 10.06.2015

We have a large front porch and sadly it never get's any love. Most of the year it is a blank space, so I thought I'd spruce it up for fall, but try to keep the costs low. 

I bought three pumpkins ($3, $4 & $6 ea.) and three bunches of mums ($5 ea.) at Walmart. I bought a new doormat for $6, a cool galvanized tub at Ross for $8, (crazy cheap prices for both!) and I checked out Salvation Army and found a cool basket for $3.  I used a white metal pot I already owned as well as my antique milk jug from my Dad's ranch, and I hung my felt flower wreath that I made two years ago, because I still really love it, dangit. Lastly, I bought two stems of grass from Hobby Lobby for $15 to put in the basket and milk jug to create some height, and that was it! In all I spent around $60.

I secretly love driving by my house and looking at the front porch. It makes it feel so homey and festive! Is it strange that I am stalking my own front porch?


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