DIY Wood Bud Vases

>> 10.12.2015

I love the simplicity of my fall table, but I recently discovered BloomNation, an online marketplace that supports local florists, and was so inspired by the many interesting and creative flower arrangements on their site that I wanted to find a way to incorporate flowers into my own fall tablescape.

Everyone loves a beautiful flower centerpiece, but when it's time to eat, it just doesn't make sense to keep them on the table. We always move them off so we can see each other when we eat, and... because we have kids. Enough said. So I thought it would be fun to create little individual vases so that we could keep the flowers on the table and enjoy them throughout the meal.

To begin, I bought a $2 furring strip from Lowes and measured and carefully taped every 3.5". I then used a hacksaw and followed the tape lines to make my cuts so that I didn't go wonky. 

I then sanded down the pieces of wood and drilled holes about 2 inches deep. 

 I wanted to paint the bottom of the wood a metallic copper, so to get a clean line, I taped the bottom portion, and then another tape line right above that. I then removed the bottom piece of tape to reveal the area where I wanted to paint, and moved that up to the top of the wood to protect it from overspray.

Next I sprayed two coats of Copper Krylon Foil Metallic Spray Paint and let it dry completely. 

I then bought a bunch of daisy mums and added one or two to each bud vase. 

My kids love these vases, and along with the copper name tags I tied onto our glasses, er, mason jars, it creates a personalized space for every person at the table. 

BloomNation supports local florists by showcasing their unique bouquets in an online marketplace. They are a refreshing change from the standard and sometimes unoriginal selection of your typical flower delivery services. Go check them out!


amy h 10/13/15, 7:01 AM  

Great idea! I love the copper. Thanks for the diy instructions!

amy h 10/13/15, 7:01 AM  

Great idea! I love the copper. Thanks for the diy instructions!

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