Back in Gear

>> 8.31.2015

This week I went to Salvation Army, where I discovered there were a few changes that had been made to the store since I was last there. When the cashier told me that the changes had been made a month ago, I was shocked.  Had it really been a month since I had been thrifting?! We had a great summer, but my blogging, thrifting and projecting has really taken a back seat.

So anyway, at the thrift store I found this amazing brass reindeer for $10. He's pretty big for a brass figurine, and he's quirky and I love him! After taking some time off from thrifting, finding this figurine was a nice welcome back. I can't wait to get back into the swing of thrifting and blogging, and finally start on some of those projects piled in my garage. 

Christmas is a ways off still, but doesn't this reindeer make you excited and inspired about the coming seasons?


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