The Story of the Highboard

>> 6.24.2015

Remember a while back I posted about this space and my search to find the perfect piece of furniture?

Well after months of stalking Craigslist and finding nothing in my price range that I liked, I was getting pretty discouraged. I saw a really awesome piece being sold by VintageMod365 but it looked too tall for my space, so I went to see it in person and kind of fell in love. Except the annoying play-it-safe side of me (that I try to keep gagged in the basement) kept whispering, "It's toooo mid-century maaannndiieeeee. People will think you are weeeeiiiirrrrrd." So I thought about it a few days, consulted my friends (who said I would be crazy to NOT get it,) and went with my gut and took the plunge.

It's a danish style teak highboard from the 1960's and it's in really great shape. And at just under four feet tall and four feet wide, it's the perfect size for the wall. But more than anything I love it because it's very ME. Even if that means I am weird.

At this angle you can see how the piece sits in reference to the family room.

Isn't she beautiful?

 If you live in the DFW metroplex and you're looking for a mid century modern piece, check out VintageMod365 on Facebook or visit their booths at the Allen and Inwood Antique Malls. They have a great inventory with new stuff all the time, their prices are fair (which is hard to find around here when buying mid century) and the owners Wade and Matt were very nice and accommodating.


Tara 6/24/15, 3:26 PM  

That piece is gorgeous! And I love the lamp, too!

mylittlegems 7/8/15, 11:07 PM  

I love it! I just bought a mid mod piece and I love it. Found you on Instagram and I'm so glad I did!

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