Out With the Small, In With the Bigger

>> 3.06.2015

Remember this mini makeover I did on Abby's room? Well, in regular Mandie fashion, her room has changed once again. (shocker, I know.)

She has outgrown this small dresser and so I went in search of a replacement. After a lot of deliberation, (because when you are decorating a nine year old girl's room you don't have complete control,) we decided on the Ikea Tarva six drawer dresser. The price was great, and cheaper than most of the things I found on Craigslist, which is just wrong, btw. Plus its raw wood, which meant I had a clean palate to paint on. Abby wanted a white dresser with cute drawer knobs, and so in the midst of painting the bookcases, we primed and painted the dresser with the same white paint. It worked out great.

The wood pulls that come with the dresser are cheap and boring, so we looked around for cuter replacements. We found these adorable drawer pulls for 50% off at Hobby Lobby. It was a little painful forking over money for 12 pulls at $2.50 each, but they really gave the dresser the bit of character that it needed, and really, they are cheaper than most pulls that you get at home improvement stores.

Since this dresser is much bigger than the old one, we had to take out the bookcase to make room, which did not make the owner of this room happy, so maybe we'll try to squeeze it into her room somewhere else.

This gold framed mirror was in another location in the house and we moved it here because it fits the scale better than the white oval mirror that was here before. I decided to leave it gold for now anyway, because I thought the aged patina added some interest to the room. The accessories are mostly thrifted, except the frame from Ikea and ring holder from Target.

Another change we made in her room was to bring in THIS side table that I refinished last year. We sold her other one since it matched the old dresser and we had the yellow one on hand, so we tried it out and I think it looks pretty cute there.


Amanda 3/6/15, 10:08 AM  

Your hole house will be in a magazine one day. So cute!!

emily 3/6/15, 11:48 AM  

I love it. And the yellow looks great in there!

Brenda 3/6/15, 4:06 PM  

Great job Mandie!

Kate Lynn 3/6/15, 10:01 PM  

I love these knobs! My dresser is also from Ikea but the Malm design doesn't have knobs. This would be great in my daughter's room or in the kitchen though!
Kate | TheOrganizedDream.com

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