Mini Makeover Part II - Reinventing a Bookcase

>> 5.09.2014

Opposite the wall with desk is Abby's dresser. It used to stand alone, but I decided to bring in this old black bookcase and a frame to see how they fit in the room. Obviously they looked very out of place, but the scale was right, so I set out to refinish them.

I sanded, primed and painted the bookcase, and then I went to Michaels and got this scrapbook paper for .20 cents each.

I could have done chevron, or another trendy pattern, but I really like the thought of keeping a girly timeless look and adding modern elements with accessories, and it fits well with the colors and decor of her room.

First I measured each piece and then used spray adhesive to adhere it to the backs of the bookcase. The measuring takes a little bit of time, but glueing them on takes no time at all and you don't have to wait for it to dry. It took nine sheets of paper, so a total of $2.20 to add some fun to an otherwise boring piece.

Then I took it up to her room and gathered anything in the house that might work (including all her nick-knacks)  and styled the bookcase.

And here it is in the room.

This part of the makeover was actually several mini projects in one. Along with the bookcase and large frame above it, I also painted the lamp base, and the dance sign. You might also notice the little shelves on the adjacent wall. That is a little shelf that I like to call a Granny Nook, so Abby can put more of her collectables and nick-nacks. I got it for free from a family member, (thanks, Damaris) and I painted it white as well.  

Next up in the bed wall, and I'm dreading it because it involves lot and lots of frames. If you don't hear from me in a while, you know what I'm doing. 


Brenda 5/9/14, 1:26 PM  

So fresh and pretty . . . perfect for your little girl! Love it.

Gabby 5/9/14, 1:45 PM  

Floral prints are IN, doncha know?! ^_^ I think it's a lovely little room for a girl. Good work!

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