Abby's Room Mini Makeover Part III - Picture Wall

>> 5.19.2014

The last part of Abby's room to tackle is the wall with her bed on it, which is a completely blank wall with lots of possibility. This wall poses a few problems, however. To save space, I did not center her bed on the wall, and instead moved it closer to the window so that she has more play space. So that creates a problem for anything going on that wall, because if you center it with the wall, it won't be centered with the bed. Make sense? So to remedy that, I initially wanted to do a gallery wall that would take up a great portion of the wall, like this. Please pardon my rudimentary graphics.

But I also had two pictures shelves from Ikea that weren't being used, so I thought I would work those into the plan and instead do shelves with pictures. That of course poses an issue because if I centered the shelves, they would be off center with the bed, like the figure below.

And if I centered them above the bed, there would be a lot of empty space, especially when the door is closed. And it's a little boring.

So instead I opted for a hybrid of the two and staggered the shelves and added two larger frames on each side, like so. 

I think this was a great option, because your eye isn't looking for the center point of the display like in the second and third example above. And it's a little more interesting than just a collage of pictures, like in the first example. But the best thing I like about the last option, is that we can easily change out the art and rotate the frames around by simply taking them off the shelves. Perfect for a budding artist with a revolving repertoire.

So aside from getting a new fan (the existing new world ornate fan doesn't quite work in here) I think I am finally finished with Abby's room.

Here's the breakdown in costs for this mini-makeover. Since most of the things I already had, the costs were pretty minimal. And of course, these are rounded-up figures, not exact.

Desk paint: $15
Stool: $10
Fabric and paint for stool: $10
Lamp: $5
Paint for Bookcase: $12
Paper for bookcase: $2
New Bedspread: $15 (Thanks, Target Cartwheel!)
White sheets: $15
Frames: $12 (mostly from Ikea)
Flower arrangement: $4

Total spent: $100

And to refresh your memory, here's the rest of her room:


Brenda 5/19/14, 10:15 AM  

Absolutely precious . . . another Mandie magnificent!

Natasha In Oz 5/24/14, 1:17 AM  

What a gorgeous room. The colours are beautiful and the details are amazing. You did a great job!

My weekly Say G'day Saturday link up has just started and I'd be thrilled if you could join in and share this post-it would be a fabulous addition!

Best wishes for a lovely weekend,
Natasha in Oz

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