Mini Makeover Monday - Gold Shell Tray

>> 3.30.2015

I feel like all I've had time to do lately are mini makeovers, but I do have a few bigger things coming. But for today, I'm posting another makeover, and it's one you can do!

I recently discovered the 99¢ Only Store, which is funny because not everything in the store is ONLY 99¢, but I digress. It was your average dollar store-type with average dollar store junk, but I did find a few things like this elephant coin bank, a cute mug, and this plastic shell tray, each 99¢.

Okay, so the shell tray is a little boring, but I knew it could be awesome, so I bought a few and got out my trusty spray paint. Lucky for me, and to my husband's dismay, I keep all the left over spray paint for projects like this, so I have lots of colors on hand.

First I taped off the corners. I was going to lay it upside down to spray paint so I didn't need to cover the inside.

I then sprayed a color on the backside of the shell. There was already a teal faded color treatment on the shell, so I chose colors that would go with that.  Because I sprayed the backside, it made the inside of the shell super glossy because the color is showing through the plastic.

Then I sprayed two coats of gold spray paint over that and let it dry completely.

And that was that! I chose not to do a top coat because in my experience it takes the shine off the gold paint, and I didn't want to do that. But if you want a little more durability, you can do it and it will still look nice.

 Here they are! Not bad for a dollar, right? Which one is your favorite?

So now I have five of these... who wants one???


emily 3/30/15, 12:25 PM  

Those are super cute!

emily 3/30/15, 12:34 PM  

Those are super cute!

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