Mini Makeover Monday - 50¢ Flip

>> 3.16.2015

My friend Emily thought it would be fun to challenge me with a few random thrift store items to "upcycle." The first piece I took on was this trashed out metal candle holder she got for 50¢.

I wasn't quite sure what to do with it, but I knew I didn't want to keep it as a candle holder, so I pried off the top. Once I got it apart I stared at it for a while and reconfigured the pieces, thinking it would make a cute little jewelry holder.
I scrubbed off the old wax and sanded down the rusted and rough areas. Looks like this used to be silver, and then lime green. 

Next I primed with Kilz spray primer, and then I sprayed the back sides with Rustoleum metallic gold. Once it was dry I taped up the gold sections, and sprayed the other sides with Rustoleum Universal Robin Egg blue. All of these products I love, but especially the Rustoleum Universal. It was my first time using it and I loved the way it handles and sprays.

I had a bit of an issue figuring out how to put it all back together, since I kind of ripped it apart. After some trial and error, I ended up drilling a hole where the old joint used to be and adding a new screw. This created a problem, however, because the screw wasn't flush with the base. So I added some felt to the bottom to level things out. It looks super classy on the bottom, but no one sees that part anyway. 

So here it is finished!


emily 3/16/15, 1:28 PM  

kinda surprised you didn't leave it lime green ;-) Love it and never would have imagined it. Can't wait to see more!

Kendra 3/16/15, 3:15 PM  

Oh, wow. I love love love it! Now I want one.

Sage @ Plaster&Disaster 3/23/15, 10:24 AM  

I'm so impressed by your creative vision! I just wanted to let you know that I included this project in a post today on my blog, Plaster & Disaster, about some inspirational projects from across the blogosphere that involve making over common thrift store items. It's awesome to see creative ideas for transforming things that most people tend to pass right by. We link directly back to your original post, and ask people to pin from the original source.

Thank you for inspiring! (you can see the post here:

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