Oh, What the Heck

>> 1.23.2015

I like free stuff. Sometimes I junk free stuff, and sometimes people who know my obsession with free stuff, give me stuff. Recently my sisters picked up a few random accessories for me when going through a relative's belongings, and this magically delicious brass pot was among them.

I love brass, don't get me wrong, but this was just a little too dated for my taste. So I thought about passing it along to a friend of mine who I thought might appreciate it. But when I offered it to her, she refused it, and then shamed me and told me how disappointed she was, and that I was dead to her if I didn't try to makeover this pot. She also threatened to put me in a stock in the town square and watch as people laughed and threw paint cans and called me worthless scum and an unruly artisan. Because apparently that's what creative friends do to their other creative friends. 

Not really though. She's actually pretty nice. But she did refuse to take it because she wanted me to try, and so I thought, oh what the heck, and took on the challenge of trying to make it something that didn't look like it belonged at the end of a rainbow. 

The first thing I did was pull out the Barkeeper's Friend and polish it. Already so much better. 

Next I took some Scotch Blue painter's tape and taped off and covered the area I didn't want painted. Then I took it out to the garage and painted it a fun salmon color by Krylon. 

After it was dry I removed the tape and then filled it with rocks, soil and a pretty succulent. 

It still may not be everyone's cup o' tea, but it's so much better than it was before! And the best part? 

It was free. 


SHUG IN BOOTS {Beth} 1/26/15, 9:06 PM  

Word. The pot is totally fabulous! I keep hearing of Barkeeper's Friend. Clearly, I need to go purchase some.

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