Navy Crazy and Ugly Lamp Makeover

>> 1.26.2015

Pantone's 2015 color of the year is 1990's burgundy Marsala. An absolutely lovely color for a dress or makeup,  but I don't see it fitting prominently into my home decor until well maybe, never. That color was just way too badly overused not twenty years ago, and just like the acid-washed jeans I wore in sixth grade, it's just too soon to try to bring them back.  So since Pantone's color of they year was a miss this year, I've decided I'm going to make my color of the year navy blue. Who wants to join me?!

I've always loved Navy, but I chose to center my decor in our new house around my favorite color, which is Teal. (Don't tell any of this to Navy. He'll be devastated.) But in the past year I've done two accent walls in navy as well as Brian's desk, and right now my mantle is styled in navy and white, so maybe I'm changing my mind about my favorite color. (But don't tell Teal. He'll be devastated.)

So when I was given this lamp, along with this gold pot and a few other things, I decided that I would paint it in a high gloss navy and put it in our master bedroom.

First I wrapped up the cord and light fixture with tape and a plastic bag.

Next I sprayed it with Kilz spray primer, and once it was completely dry I used 320 grit sandpaper and sanded the lamp until it was smooth.

Using Painter's Touch Navy Blue in high gloss, I sprayed two coats, allowing them to dry completely between coats.

Once it was dry, I inspected the finish to make sure there were no drips or rough spots. And then I sprayed one coat of Rustoleum Lacquer to give it a super high gloss, glassy look.

Definitely an upgrade from dated grandma lamp that it once was. The lamp was free, and only thing I had to purchase was one can of navy spray paint because I already had the other materials. So in all, it cost me $4!


emily 1/26/15, 1:41 PM  

Awesome! I have to say navy might be my color too. Love the shine!

emily 1/26/15, 1:41 PM  

Awesome! I have to say navy might be my color too. Love the shine!

Kendra 1/26/15, 2:52 PM  

I laughed at pantones color this year. I agree, (some) clothes yes, decor no.
I love navy, and I LOVE that lamp.

Papered House 1/28/15, 5:48 AM  

This is a great makeover! Love how glossy and modern the lamp looks. I'm considering painting our bathroom a deep navy/sapphire in a few months. It's unlike me to pick something so bold for a wall color, but navy is really starting to grow on me.

Stephanie 2/3/15, 5:22 PM  

What a great result! Really like that colour of blue.

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