Twelve Days of DIY Christmas- Day 2- Gold Table Centerpiece

>> 11.20.2014

With three kids, a fancy dinner table with a centerpiece and nice table settings has been out of the question. But this year is different because my youngest is finally past the "I wanna touch and climb on everything" phase, although accidents and mischief still occasionally happen. And my two older love setting the table and turning dinnertime into a special occasion, so who am I to deny them that?

So I set out to create an affordable, classy Christmas centerpiece and table setting. I wanted to do lots of gold and lots of candles, and I wanted to incorporate the teal dishes that we own.

With the glitter candle holders completed, I next took these two dollar store candle holders and spray painted them gold. My favorite is Rustoleum's metallic spray paint.

I took them outside and gave them two light coats of paint. I loved the pattern on them and was excited about the texture that it would add to the table, but they definitely needed an update.

Lastly, I took this basic hurricane and added a simple gold band.

I taped it off, making sure to thoroughly cover the areas not being sprayed, and sprayed two light coats of metallic spray paint. Once the paint was dry I carefully removed the plastic and tape and it was finished!

Once the projects were finished, I started working on the table setting. I used gold charger plates, dark teal plates, and these beautiful napkin rings that I got at Hobby Lobby for $2 each.

I used a neutral table runner so as not to detract from the center piece, and cranberry sprigs that I got for 60% off at Michaels.

Here's the breakdown of what I spent on the centerpiece:

Table runner: $10 Homegoods
Hurricane: $6 Ross
Trellis candle holders and two candles: $4 Dollar Tree
Cranberry sprigs: $4 Michaels
In total I spent $24, plus $10 on the glitter candle holders,  so considering that includes three different projects, that's not bad!

I also spent an additional $30 on chargers, napkins and napkin rings, because sadly, we really don't own any fancy table things, aside from the wedding china and glassware in our attic that we have never ever used. Maybe we'll put that out this year?

Do you do centerpieces for Christmas? How do you feel about gold? Are you Team Gold or Team Silver, or both? Leave a comment below! I'd love to hear from you.


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