Twelve Days of DIY Christmas - Day 1 - Ombre Glitter Candle Holders

>> 11.19.2014

I've caught the Christmas decorating bug a little earlier this year, and I am super excited about the projects I have in the works. Although I won't put up the bulk of our decorations until after Thanksgiving, I wanted to share with you what I'm working on now, as well as a few other projects I've done in the past, and hopefully give you some inspiration for Christmas decorating!

My first project was to take these $1 candle holders and add a touch of bling with glitter. I wanted to do both copper and gold, and possibly variants of the two colors.

 First I taped off the area where I wanted to add glitter. Then, with a soft paint brush, I liberally brushed on mod podge, leaving the bottom of the glass bare. In hindsight, I would have made the brush strokes smoother because that makes the glitter go on more evenly.

Then I dusted glitter over the mod podged areas and lightly tapped the glass to remove the excess. When purchasing glitter for this project, look for extra fine glitter for the best coverage.

Once it's dry, remove the tape to reveal a clean, sharp line. 

I repeated the same process with the copper glitter, and then in a separate bowl I combined two parts gold to one part copper, stirred it up and dusted it over another candle holder. Then I added more copper to the mixture to create a fourth candle holder with a more coppery color. 

Side by side, these variations in color create an ombre effect.  You can also do this with other color combinations like silver and gold or silver and copper. 

The supplies for this project, including the candles was only $10, with lots of glitter and mod podge left over for future projects.

They will be a part of a centerpiece that I am assembling for our dinner table, and tomorrow I will show the finished project!


Billie Owens,  11/19/14, 10:15 AM  

I really like those! I'm anxious to see the rest of your ideas. Just wondering if it would be possible to vary the depth of color of glitter on the individual candle holder to achieve the ombre effect on each one?

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