Underwater Basket Weaving

>> 4.07.2014

I come from a family of junkers, which is great, because they help fuel my addiction. My mom passed along this magazine rack to me, and although I didn't care for it as-is, I decided to keep it for a future project.

It looks a lot like many teak vintage racks that sell for $45-$200 online, but this one appears to be a knock-off of sorts. It's not teak wood, the wood is a little rough, it has fewer rungs which makes it easy for things to slip through, and on the bottom it says "Max 06-07." Kinda seems like something a kid did as a high school wood shop project.

I sought out to upcycle this guy so that I could maybe fit it into the decor in my home. I thought it would be a great size and shape to put our music books in next to the piano, but I wasn't excited about all those exposed rungs and being able to see the potential mess inside the basket. So I decided to create a faux wicker basket using yarn.

I purchased $13 worth of yarn, and along with some yarn I already own, I designed out a rough color pattern and started weaving. I tied the yarn to a rung and then wound the yarn around each rung in a counter clockwise motion so that the rung was completely hidden behind the yarn. I went around the entire basket two or three times, weaving loosely, and then went back and tightened each row so that there was no give.

When I achieved the thickness I wanted, I tied off the yarn and went on to the next color, starting on the next rung. I also added a simple two-lined pattern with teal yarn to the off-white areas, which adds a little more interest.

This wasn't a difficult project at all, but it did take some time. I spent about 4.5-5 hours weaving, which I did off-and-on in small segments over the past weekend. I never learned to crochet or knit, but I had so much fun with this experience I really think I could get into basket weaving. Too bad I didn't take that in college.


Shirley Fowkes 4/7/14, 2:38 PM  

Thanks for Cousin Mike and his eternal junking gene and saving this basket from Goodwill. Glad to pass it on!

Brenda 4/7/14, 9:30 PM  

Love it Mandie! Always amazed by the level of your creativity and your willingness to take on a project! Great result!

Dianne Kerr 4/9/14, 1:46 PM  

Awesome and creative. I wish I had your genes.

What the Ek? 5/5/14, 12:07 PM  

Wow! I am impressed with your vision, it turned out really cute! I do have a random question though, did you paint your piano black or has it always been black? I am thinking of painting mine...

Mandie McMurdie 5/5/14, 4:33 PM  

I bought it black, but it desperately needs to be painted. That's one project I don't think I ever want to do, so eventually we'll probably sell it for a better piano.

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