When Furniture Speaks

>> 3.13.2014

We have this cedar chest that belonged to my grandparents, and when they died I inherited it and planned on refinishing it eventually. The inside still looks like the day it was purchased, tags and all, but the outside had been sloppily refinished and was losing its veneer. 

So fast forward many years and I still haven't refinished it and it's crammed into our closet and taking up storage space. I really wanted it out of the house, so I asked the rest of my family and no one else wanted it, so I pulled out the chest and took a picture of it and was headed to the computer to post it on Craigslist, when something stopped me. If my family, who should have some sentimental feelings towards it, didn't want it for FREE, then who was going to buy it from me? Selling it for $20 or donating it to Salvation Army made me cringe. 

And then I swear the cedar chest spoke to me and said I needed to refinish it, find a place for it in our little house, and keep it in the family..... so that's what I did. 

You don't argue with a seventy year old piece of furniture.

***I'm going through my Facebook archives where I had posted previous projects of mine. This one was posted in May of 2012. 


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