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>> 3.10.2014

There are lot of walls to fill in our playroom, and I wanted to do at least one large scale piece of art for it. I love taking pictures of my kids, and in our old house we did a photo collage of my kids and their many facial expressions. Still one of my most favorite projects I've ever done.

I thought about trying the same thing again, but my kids are older and a couple of them would need some major bribing to do another shoot like that (hint: it's not Abby,) so this time I decided to do just three large photos of them doing what they love: pretending. I wanted to create a black and white editorial feel, but still keep is childlike. So I told the kids to go dress up and they came out as ms. fancy pants, a ninja, and a SpidermanJediHeroPokemonMaster, and we went out and did a super quick photo shoot. Photographing your own kids is a barrel of fun, let me tell you, so I was happy to get what I got. 

The next day I edited in black and white, cropped them 20x30, 300dpi, and ordered poster size prints from Sam's Club and picked them up a couple of hours later. The prints were only $9 each, which is a great price, although the pictures came out waaaay darker than I edited them, which makes me a little sad. And then I bought three black poster size frames for $12 each at Walmart and spray painted them Indigo by Valspar, to brighten them up a little.

In all the project cost $70, which is a lot more money than I would like to spend on art work, but that boils down to a little over $23 a piece, and considering the space it takes up, I think it's money well spent. 

And you come up the stairs, the pictures are right there smacking you in the face saying, HEY! This is our space! Come have fun with us!

There's still a lot left to do in the playroom, but we've got one wall filled up!


Brenda 3/10/14, 9:56 AM  

Love it . . . and the statement it makes for their play space!

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