How Much IS IT?

>> 3.06.2014

Today we're going to play America's favorite game and newest internet sensation, HOW....MUCH..... IS..... IT?!!!!

Today's featured item is a large lamp from Haverty's circa 2001. But first, some back story...

I worked at Haverty's all through college, which might explain my slight addiction to furniture. I loved to walk the floor during my breaks and look at all the pretty things. And because I was going to school for music education, I was particularly drawn to this lamp.

(I apologize for the crappy pic. I thought I had one on file but I can't find it, so this is all I got.) 

It was really expensive. Like are you kidding me??? expensive.

But once I graduated and got a teaching job, my sweet friends at the store bought it for me, which was the perfect going away gift. I've kept it all this time and still wanted to keep it in the playroom, but its primary colors weren't going to work with the new color scheme in the room.

So I disassembled it, primed and painted the keys, and sanded and re-stained the base. After it all dried I put it back together, and now it is a more neutral and versatile lamp that fits the space much better.

So now contestants, it's time to give your answers!

The person closest to the original price will receive the satisfaction of being right and the thrill of winning.

Leave a comment with your guess and I'll give you the answer tomorrow!


Mandie McMurdie 3/6/14, 8:15 AM  

Some people's posts aren't going through, testing.

Anonymous,  3/6/14, 10:03 AM  

The cost of a 4 year bachelor's degree at The University of Texas at Arlington to be $70,984 - assuming graduation in normal time + cost of spray paint! You're an awesome designer.

Dianne Kerr 3/6/14, 1:34 PM  

I'll go with $75 since it is Haverty's after all. Kind of reminds me of a toy my grandson has. Makes great music.

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