Fiddling Figs and Finding Foliage

>> 3.21.2014

See this guy?

At Home in Love

He's a fiddle leaf fig. And he's kind of a big deal right now in the world of house plants.

This plant is really trendy in interior design because of it's large leafs, interesting angles and architecture. If any plant could be called modern, this would be it.

I think they're fantastic, and I would love to have one, but fiddle leaf figs are expensive, and I have yet to see one at a big box nursery in my area. Plus I have an awesome vintage bamboo plant stand that I wanted to put a house plant in, so a tall tree-like fig wouldn't work.

I got this plant stand at a thrift store for $7. It think it's groovy and interesting and I didn't want to do a thing to it!

So I have been in search of an interesting large leafed plant to put in my front room that has modern lines of the fiddle leaf fig, but that would fit on this stand and work with the lighting in the room.

The other day I found this Calathea at Lowes, and was instantly drawn to its interesting rectangular leaf. It was a large scale plant that would fit my plant stand, and it required low light, which is good since it wasn't going to sit in front of my window. And it was a great price at $11.

And it fits perfectly in the plant stand.

Here it is in its new home. I like how it adds some vibrancy to the room and adds some interest to an otherwise boring corner.

Now, if I can only keep it alive. 


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