Embracing the Orchid

>> 3.18.2014

The Pantone color of the year for 2014 is Radiant Violet. 

I was kinda bummed about this year's color, only because I'm not a violet type of person, and because last year's color was emerald. And you really can't top emerald. But I challenged myself to incorporate the color somewhere in my home, and chose the guest bathroom as the place to do it.

I like making the spaces in my house pretty neutral so that when I want a change, all I really need to do is switch out a couple of accessories, pillow, hand towel, etc, and suddenly I have a different look. Our downstairs guest bathroom is a typical half bath, and we painted it a versatile gray color, which allows me to change it whenever my fickle heart desires.

There isn't much to this bathroom, and so it doesn't need a lot of accessories, so I added a violet hand towel and paired a violet candle holder with this lovely picture and flowers that were already in the room.

The hand towel was on clearance at Ross for $3.50 and the candle holder was $2.50 (50% off) at Hobby Lobby, so this was a cheap way to add a touch of a color that I never would have considered before.

What about you? Have you embraced radiant orchid yet?


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