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>> 3.02.2014

After setting up the pegboard station in the playroom, I thought that the space above it was definitely missing something. Looking through my stash, I didn't find anything cool enough to go there, so I decided to make my own, using supplies I already had. 

I have been in love with this piece of art for a while and decide to try to recreate the colorful, overlapping, bold text style. 

To start, I printed the letters and then cut them out with an x-acto knife. I then placed them on the paper the way I wanted and taped it down. I wanted the letters to overlap, so I made sure that the letters were placed were overlapping parts were visible.

I then painted the overlapped sections and let it dry.

 Next, I took off the O and B papers which covered up the other letters and painted those. Then I removed the letters I just painted and let them dry, and then added back the O and B and painted those.

Lastly, I got a small paint brush and touched up the sloppy spots.

I then put it in a 16x20" frame I had in storage and hung it! And there you have it. A free, thirty minute piece of art. 


stacey 3/3/14, 1:13 PM  

I thought the peg board was clever but the matching art is fabulous!

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