Thrifting Thursday - Graceful Buys and freakiest find

>> 2.13.2014

Today I am reviewing Graceful Buys in Grapevine, TX

I heard about this great thrift store in Grapevine that always has lots of furniture, so last weekend I went to check it out. The first thing I noticed when I drove into the parking lot was the hoard of furniture in the back. I was intrigued but I went and checked out the inside first.

There was a large amount of furniture inside, but nothing that nocked my socks off. The prices weren't as inflated as other resale shops, but still nothing that I would buy unless I absolutely loved it.

 They didn't have a whole lot of accessories when I went, and they were not really thrift store prices, more like Target clearance prices. No thanks.

And then of course the clothes... which I wasn't interested in today.

Then there was the abundance of large over priced frames from the 80s and 90s. Maybe I'm a cheapskate but I really don't want to spend $24 on a frame that I am going to repaint and torch the print inside. Maybe that's why there are so many of them. 

The book selection, on the other hand, was awesome! Hardbacks were only $1, and paperbacks 50 cents, and I bought a bunch of them.

So after scouring the store, I headed outside to the back to see what the mounds of furniture were all about.

I found a volunteer there who told me that all of the stuff was for sale, but not tagged. So if I was interested in a piece I needed to grab a worker and get a price. And then I asked the golden question,"Do they haggle?" And the volunteer said it depends on who I talk to and "suggested" I talk to Barney. 

So I looked around and found a few pieces I was interested in, like this diamond in the rough: 

Other than a missing handle and some chipped veneer, it was in really good condition. Barney quoted me $45, but I got him down to $40, and then I bailed on it. I couldn't think of where to put it in my house, and I couldn't think of anyone else that might want it. But of course, after I got home and talked to my sister, she about killed me, because she has been looking for a small dresser like this. Oops. 

But I did find this guy, which is exactly like one I have at home but in better condition. Barney quoted me $35 but I negotiated down to $30. Right now I'm thinking about painting it white and using it as a bookcase in the playroom. 

So in the end, I got one bookcase, and $11.50 worth of books, for a total of $41.50. I would say that the trip was worth it, and that this thrift store is worth going back to again. You should try it out! Heck, you could even make a whole weekend of it because Graceful buys is literally right down the street from Great Wolf Lodge. Holla!

Oh, and lastly, I think its fun to find the strangest or freakiest item every time I go thrift store shopping. This was by far the winner this time around! (By the way, did you notice the price? $39?! Someone needs to stop drinking the silly juice.)

I don't know about you, but I'd totally put this right beside my bed. 


Alisha Whitfield 2/13/14, 8:44 AM  

Ok That picture is freaky! No wonder someone donated it to the thrift store. On another note. This thrift store looks pretty awesome. And the prices seem very reasonable too. Great find on the Thrift Store front. I might just need to take a trip out there myself!

Unknown 2/13/14, 9:00 AM  

Some great finds! I have never heard of that place.

Amy 2/20/14, 10:46 PM  

I buy all of my frames at Goodwill and have never paid more than $5 even for 16 x 20 sizes.

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