Playrooms and armpits

>> 2.24.2014

Last weekend while my hubby was on a campout, I decided to tackle the huge job of painting the playroom. I decided on Silver Drop by Behr for the walls, and English Channel for the accent wall. I chose to do the accent wall first because it was the smallest part and I knew I could finish it in a couple hours. So I knocked it out really fast and stood back to look and man, I LOVE this color. It does so much for the room, adds dimension and makes it a more interesting space.

And just as a reminder, here is what the playroom looked like before we painted:

So as I was standing there admiring the color, my eyes migrated to the hallway. The one part of the house that I really don't like. I feel like the hall is narrow, plain and boring and the half wall does nothing at all to help it. It's like the armpit of our house. So I figured while I was in the playroom making improvements, maybe I ought to really think about how to make this hallway more appealing, instead of painting it the same neutral color as the rest of the upstairs and calling it a day.

So my initial thought was to paint the half wall the same blue, thinking it would add some interest as well as create a less enticing canvas for Andrew and his creative friends to color on... because it may have happened once. Or twice. But once I painted the half wall I decided it would look even better to do the same thing to the entire hallway and create a two toned wall with a chair rail.

I really like how it turned out! The hallway is much more interesting now, and much less arm-pitty. I think I will create a gallery of the kids' art on the large wall to finish it out. Something like this:

The Pink Pagota
When Brian got home from his campout on Saturday he helped me paint the rest of the playroom, and now I have the huge task of styling the room and filling all those empty white walls! Can't wait!


stacey 2/24/14, 8:49 PM  

What happened to the indoor fort idea?

Mandie McMurdie 2/24/14, 11:03 PM  

Stacey, we are still going to do it, but we won't have the time or budget for a while. So in the meantime we'll put something there as a place holder. ":)

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