Playroom Mood Board

>> 2.21.2014

Here are some ideas I have come up for the playroom. Some things, like the small chest and rug I already have. Others, like the curtains, bookcase and growth chart, I am going to recreate for cheaper, of course. And items like the pillows, clock, and skyline prints are things I only wish I could have. But it's nice to dream, right? 

Speaking of dreaming, I didn't include the fort in the mood board, because that's something for further down the road. 

When I take a step back, this mood board looks a little mature for a 8,6, and 3 year old. But I feel like this is a fun color palate that will grow with them, and of course, when you include all of their toys and other fun wall art we are going to put up, it will be chock-full of kid personality.

This weekend we are going to start painting, and I have a lot of projects in the works, so I will have a lot to share in the coming weeks.

Do you have any big DIY plans this weekend?


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