Identity Crisis

>> 6.25.2014

We have a four bedroom house, and three of the bedrooms are upstair, with the master downstairs. My daughter has her own room and we have chosen to have the boys share a room, because the space is large and they actually prefer to sleep in the same room right now.

So the third bedroom has a few different functions. It serves as a guest room, my husband uses it as a work space when he occasionally works from home, and all our crafts and sewing and such are stored in there.

Our guest room used to look like this, with a twin bed, but we moved the mattress out when our youngest child graduated from a toddler bed. So the room has been bed-less for a while. I also stole the pictures above the bed and the rug to use in the playroom, so it was looking pretty empty.

We occasionally have visitors, and have always thought of putting a queen bed in this room, so we were excited when my bro-in-law asked if we wanted to keep their guest room queen mattress and storage bed for them while their house is being built. Although we don't plan on keeping this particular bed, it'll be good to try out a queen in this space.

This bed definitely needed a headboard, so I found a really cool headboard on craigslist for $15, and because a finial had fallen off, I talked them down to $10.

This headboard is AMAZING. It deserves to go in an awesome, well designed room, not in a hodge-podge room with an identity crisis. But you know the best thing about this room? Aside from the $10 headboard, I haven't spent any additional money by using things I already had.

I'm not sure I want to spend a lot of time and money redoing this room, especially since the bed and mattress aren't going to stay. And we may move my husband's office downstairs (which is a large budget goal for the future,) and I also want to improve the craft storage in this room by creating a more functional closet. I'm not even sure I want to paint the headboard, because this room doesn't have a clear vision yet. So for now, this room will remain the hodge-podge room, and I will continue to remain frustrated by it. But sometimes when designing a room, you just gotta wait it out for when the time is right.

What about you? Do you have a room with an identity crisis?


Sandy Gary,  7/23/14, 7:24 AM  

Um, almost every room in our house! Our guestroom/ office/craftroom is pretty sad. Yours looks great!

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