Stool Makeover

>> 5.02.2014

I'm doing a mini-makeover on my daughter's room, including refinishing a desk. I was looking for a stool to use in place of a chair in her room, and so I was super excited when I happened upon this guy at a thrift store for $10.

My sisters quickly named it the 'Butt Chair," and yeah, I guess it does kind of look like a fancy butt.

I removed the two layers of fabric and staples and primed the whole piece with spray primer. I didn't really like how the fabric covered the wood part, and although it wasn't meant to be exposed, I decided to keep the base visible. 

That meant I needed to fill in a few cracks to make it look a little more seamless. 

After it dried I sanded it down and did a few coats of white satin finish spray paint.

I then moved on to the bench. I had to create a new base to put the cushion on, so I took a 1/4 piece of plywood, traced the seat pattern, and then it cut with a jigsaw. I got some awesome fabric at Hobby Lobby for $6 a yard and used the existing cushion and stapled it on to the plywood.

I then cut the excess fabric off and hammered in the staples.

I then screwed the seat to the base and voila! No more butt stool!

Or maybe you still think it looks like a butt?

For kicks, here's the before and after:

I'm considering "dipping" the legs with pink or maybe even gold, but for now I'll leave it as-is.

Stay tuned for the desk reveal as well as the finished mini-makeover!


Brynn 5/2/14, 8:49 PM  

So cute! Love checking in and seeing your fun ideas. Which thrift stores do you visit?

fancy fab 5/26/14, 4:50 PM  

Love this stool, I think I might even be able to re-do a stool. I feel like I find ways to mess DIY's up

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