Trending Tuesday - Go for the Gold!

>> 2.11.2014

Are you as excited about the olympics as I am? What do you think so far?

In honor of all the gold medals we are sure to win, I want to talk a little bit about gold. Did you you know that gold is a thing now?

I love to look back through the past century and see how fashion and interior design have changed and cycled throughout the decades. I'm sure those of us that saw our grandmother's avocado green and burnt orange kitchens of the 60's probably never thought that those colors would come back in style. They have come back into popularity, maybe not in the form of an oven, but back into mainstream design nonetheless. So it's no surprise that gold, brass, and copper have worked their way back into interior design too. 

Just like skinny jeans, whether we like it or not, trends and fads happen. The great thing is, you can choose whether to wear the skinny jeans follow the current trend or go your own way and still make it awesome. 

I resisted at first, because I don't want my house to look like grandma moved in, but I think it's possible to add touches of gold in small doses and make it modern and fresh.   

I found this simple pencil holder last week at the Target One Spot and thought I would experiment with some gold spray paint that I used for another project.

 First, I taped off the area that I wanted to remain green, and then I spray painted it. 

 But after taking the tape off I really didn't like the result. 

So I taped off and sprayed again. 

And this is the final result. 

A nice touch of gold with a hint of green. I like it, just not blown away by it, although I'm not sure I've ever been blown away by a pencil holder. But hey, its pretty great for one dollar!

Maybe you could consider doing a small project like this to help get you on the gold bandwagon!


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