Let It Go!

>> 2.05.2014

Who else has that song on infinity repeat in your head? It the most maddening thing in the world but I love the song, so we listen on. But I digress...

Do you have a piece of furniture that doesn't really serve a good purpose or have a place in your home, but you can't bring yourself to let it go?

Well I have that, in the form of a Lane cedar chest/bench. I bought this a few years ago for $20 and painted it black, distressed it a little and reupholstered the cushion on top.

It's lived in different places throughout our old house, and when we moved here it ended up at the foot of our bed.  But it just doesn't work there. It's too dark and heavy for that space, and the color is off, especially since we plan on changing out our headboard to something lighter. But I've held on to it because it is a great, solid piece of furniture, and I invested in it by fixing it up. And there's always the chance that one day I'll find the perfect place for it and regret that I got rid of it. So there it's sat at the foot of our bed, a little out of place and collecting unhung laundry.

But my practical self had a talk with my furniture hoarder self and told me to let this one (and a few other pieces go.) So I sucked it up and sold it. And it felt good.

Now the foot of our bed is empty, and I kinda like it that way, but if we ever decide to get a new one, I'd go for these:

One Kings Lane

From Overstock Leno Nailhead trim bench

Pier 1
One Kings Lane
One Kings Lane
Vintage from One Kings Lane

Or this brown leather number. Yummy.

Or THIS ONE from Overstock

So what about you? Are you hanging onto a piece of furniture like I did? 


Dianne Kerr 2/5/14, 1:36 PM  

I think I'd go with the navy and white one from One Kings Lane. Looks pretty,and comfy.

stacey 2/5/14, 6:11 PM  

Almost every piece of furniture I own was bought for a different house. It is frustrating to try to make pieces fit but it is also frustrating to buy it for full price and sell it for pennies on the dollar. That said, I like to buy pieces that will fit in at least two places in my home.

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